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Most Experts recommend that Social Security Claimants find some means of financial support when filing a claim. The problem many face, is when disability strikes and their faith in others becomes misplaced. Suddenly, many Claimants find themselves forced into public assistance and low-income housing. Others end up homeless, unable to afford the cost of even basic medical assistance, and if they attempt to shop for food, attend church or even associate with their friends, the SSA considers their effort to feel "just a bit normal," - sufficient grounds to deny their pending claim. You can help overcome this problem by making a small donation to afford the costs of fighting the denial of a social security disability claim. A small monetary contrbution creates a substanial amount of support; asssistance a claimant truly needs more than ever, until they receive an approval and their first benefit payment.   


Claimant Advocates work for Claimants on the basis of  good-faith, with the expectation that, if the Claimant wins their case, that they receive a small stipend as compensation. You can help by sponsoring a COOFIA Advocate today, as they are volunteering their time for a noble cause; helping the disabled.

Sponsor A COOFIA Advocate Or Professional Affiliate
Claimant of the Month

Francine Dennis filed her SSA Application in 2008. She was denied and finally approved after two years. COOFIA Donor Benefits helped her win. Read her story. ​

Claimant of the Year

Ed Lewis, a Veteran, was denied his SSA Disability Benefits. Despite the SSA claiming that he was lying, our COOFIA Advocates prepared his District Court Case and won! Read about his struggle with the SSA and how COOFIA Advocates gave him the strength he needed to fight back.​

Adopt A COOFIA Claimant Fighting For Disability Benefits


Special Claimant Adoption Day - 1/11/13, 1pm
We want to encourage you to consider adopting a Social Security Disability Claimant on January 11, 2013.


National Adoption Event  - 1/12/5/23, 11am

COOFIA has declared January 12, 2013 as National Adoption Month for Social Security Disability Claimants. We want to encourage you to goto our Adoptions Page and read about a Claimant that you wish to support in their effort to receive Social Security Disability Benefits.

$35 Ofice Depot Supply Card for Claimants and Advocates

To help fight adverse disability claims, you can purchase an Office Depot Card to help both Claimants and Advocates who fight for them for only $35.



Valid till June

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